BABA Lab + Social Gifting: Finding Meaning through Craft-making

What can we do to engage our Seniors?  To give them a sense of dignity and worth in their greying years? At an event initiated by SUSS, two non-profit organisations came together to collaborate on a craft-making project that involved our Youth and Seniors from Japan and Singapore. Within a multicultural setting, BABA Lab (Japan) and Social Gifting (Singapore) offer a fresh perspective on what is needed to help our Seniors find meaning and renewed purpose in life.
Instructor Course Staff

Shizuka Kuwahara


BABA Lab (Japan)

Kuwahara-san was born in 1974 in Saitama City, Japan. Because of her passionate interest in senior communities and their working culture, she started the 'BABA lab' project in 2011 to create the right mechanisms and services necessary to serve our ageing society.
Instructor Course Staff

Valen Tan Husistein

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

Social Gifting (Singapore)

Inspired by her 3 children, Valen left the private sector and took a Fundraising role in the Social Service Sector. To develop a stronger theoretical foundation of the sector, she decided to pursue a degree in Social Work at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). With the support of SUSS, she started Social Gifting to provide meaningful activities / passive income to people who are unable to leave home due to caregiving duties or physical constraints.

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